about me

welcome to my website!!! im rlly grateful ur here. this is my safehaven of pinks, purples and yellows ♡

u can call me turtle, or star!! both r cute 2 me

my bday is jan 16! capricorn if ur into star stuff

i like a bunch of shows and games, but right now i'd say im suuuper into splatoon 3, vocaloid (as always), deltarune and madoka magica.

i also have a lot of hobbies!! i play a lot of video games but my more productive ones are conlanging/worldbuilding, updating this website, doodling and reading.

if u c me updating a load im on holiday. if u c me not updating for a good week or so, im busy w skl. i was gonna update this sentence whenever but urhghghhr 2 much work 4 me lol


  • pink n purple
  • katsu chicken, fries, chuppa chups
  • the smell of cinnamon


  • crowds / large groups of ppl
  • peppers
  • flies


  • reading: lolita (on hold, not enough time + lazy)
  • watching: lots of youtube and various magical girl animes
  • playing: splatoon 3, lain game online, minecraft
  • last updated: 20/03/23

contact urs truly

  • my discord: #1505
  • i have an email but i'm kinda cautious, pls use my chatbox/guestbook if u SUPER wanna get in touch (for some reason ???)

  • my bear blog (no longer in use, c most recent post)
  • my dreamwidth
  • some more that the likes of YOU will never know of!!! mwahaha