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hiiii welcome 2 my website :9 i hope u enjoy ur stay ★

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post 14 - 05/02/23

aaa, new splatfest coming up!!! i picked dark choc, cuz its my fav, obvi. i'm super excited I LOVE SPALTOON AHBKARJAHWHDN. anyway i should tooootally revise for my tests.... but ... huuuu i dont feel like it. i know i have 2 work hard for school,,,, but i'll just leave it for- *shudders* monday. saturday always arrives fast but sunday passes faster... (◞ ‸ ◟ㆀ)

post 13 - 03/02/23

omigosh!!!! its the weekend already,, yippee!!!! i had a decent week, i hope u all did as well. i've been feeling kinda nervous for life stuff recently but i came back to neocities to see loads of fun websites and the nice messages on my site and i feel so much better!!! u guys r so awesome awww ٩(๑> ₃ <)۶♥ anyways, i added 2 tamanotchis to the site cuz they're super cute.

post 12 - 01/02/23

huuuu i wish dressing emo was still slightly acceptable. i SUPER wanna wear striped tights and have a side fringe and racoon tails with pink and green hair and a tshirt with a skull or a band on it and a short skirt or shorts with spiky belts and maybe boots or trainers...... but i'm limited to the 2020's dresscode. otherwise i'll be shot on the spot by other 15 year olds, yelling "where's ur northface!??!?!" ... i don't have a northface. also that wouldn't happen,,,,,,,,, i'm just exaggerating cuz i'm upset. sigh. 凸(≡д≡)

post 11 - 31/01/23

last day of jan '23!! time flies. gonna start archiving posts soon. also, does anyone wanna play splatoon together!?!? i'd love to have some ppl 2 play it w, it would b so fun!! tbf, i'm not available that often tho... o well.

post 11 - 30/01/23

i REAAALLY wanna add conlang stuff to my neocity, but i have 2 much hw. i even tried to get some done earlier so i could come home and work on this neocity but i just could. not. concentrate. ARARHGHAGHAGRHAGRRRRRHH

post 10 - 28/01/23

added a WHOLE bunch of stuff: bookshelf and showshelf, animated links, sitemap (doing that rn) and finished the madoka shrine. the homepage is getting a bit slow so i might archive some posts soon.

post 9 - 28/01/23

HELL YEAHAHHAH its the weekend!!!!!! i worked super hard also and i finally learnt how to hide/show a div and i was super proud of myself, and thought abt papyrus being goofy and smug, so i used him as a gif. love u all!!!

post 8 - 25/01/23

added a music player. i wanna get it onto the front page as a widget with some gifs but for now it stays at the bottom. cant fix it cuz skl awaits... ughghrghg

post 7 - 23/01/23

its monday again. huuuuuuur. anyway, updates shrines to have separate themes, cute! also, super foggy where i live!!!! foggy is my fav weather cuz it makes it feel so spooky so this is awesome!! but skl. is bad

post 6 - 21/01/23

its the weekend!!! YEAH i can do so much stuff now Omg ItRAODPAKOJDOIAJJKADNKJ

post 5 - 19/01/23

hopefully got rid of all autoplay and merged contact + about me into one page. also changed theme slightly on shrinez. super snoozy, wanna play splat 3 but i gotta sleep !!

post 4 - 18/01/23

trying to remove all the autoplay here cuz it got annoying. super busy rn, but hopefully most is gone soon. weekend come soon please...

post 3 - 17/01/23

skl is kicking my butt! hope all of u guys r doing well ˚ʚ♡ɞ˚

post 2 - 13/01/23

just a test 2 make sure i did the box html correctly xoxo. update: posts/updates box finished!!!

post 1 - 13/01/23

first post! also sweet won for splat3. yippee!! i didnt contribute that much tho lol

hi! this is my personal safehaven of cuteness. i am ur webmaster, and u can call me star or turtle - whichever suits u best. this site is constantly under construction (as many r) and i hope one day for it to become 10x more cluttered and 20x more fun. new features always coming soon!

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