song of the week!!

since its a new year (happy 2023!!) i thought it would be a good opportunity to start a project like this. there will be a lot of vocaloid and breakcore cuz. thats what im into. warning for that!!! :p

new reviews come out on the 1st, 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th of each month, or more!

note: these pages may take a while 2 load. pls bare with!!!!

note 2: most of my website works ok-ish on most screens, but i coded these entirely myself so they look JANKY on anything but chrome 1920x1080. a bit too busy to fix that rn, so maybe try playing w ctrl + or ctrl - . again, apologies!! ☆o(><;)○

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current favorite song

♬ song: bitter choco decoration ♬

♬ by: syudou ♬

♬ cover: vocaloid, rin kagamine ♬